UPLIFT! Inspiring Stories To Uplift The World

Our media company is committed to

Inspiring and uplifting the audience with extraordinary stories of ordinary people breaking free from their own limitations and obstacles.

Join us on the mission to help and inspire millions of individuals to step into the energy of success, regardless where they are at, because YOU TOO have proven that you can achieve absolutely everything you set your mind to.

Our ideal guest profile for UPLIFT! Inspiring Stories to Uplift the World

Ordinary people with exceptional stories

Someone with an experienced story that can inspire and uplift the audience

Someone who can tell a story of resilience, empowerment, beating the odds, showing the way where there was none

English-Speaking (that's the only requirement to make sure we can understand each other and publish you to our English-speaking worldwide audience)

What we offer

Top of the class feature and promotion service

You review your episode BEFORE publication

We thrive when our guest speaker thrive.

As we want you to be fully and completely satisfied with your episode, we give you the secret draft link before publication to make sure you have checked all the information, picture, typo, links, and everything else so that it reflects what you are currently promoting about yourself and your business, for congruence purpose.

Additionally, you can ask to update your episode after publication.

You can connect and mingle with the other guest speakers

A private Facebook group has been created to have all our beloved guest speakers mingle and connect with each other.

It's always a pleasure to recognize other people who are on the same path as we are, and to help each other or to collaborate, to share helpful tips, and to do business together.

You get invited to the Facebook group once your episode is being published.

You are being featured and promoted to an ever-growing audience

Your episode gets published as a podcast episode, as a YouTube video, as a social media broadcast on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (newly called X).

Your episode on the podcast gets constantly promoted all year long by our team of experts, and our social media accounts are constantly visited by up to tens of thousands of people.

Keep your link and information up to date

As your episode is an evergreen piece of marketing that will stay published for years to come, you have the possibility - and it is strongly suggested - that you keep the information on your episode up to date when you change your links, you promote something new or different, or when you rebrand and change your social media links.

Let us know when that happens and we will update your episode immediately.

You can ask to re-record your episode at no additional charge

We pre-record your episode, in a no-pressure environment.

If something happens during the recording that makes it impossible to publish, or if you feel that you should not have said something and that you want it removed, we will simply re-record your episode.

Only the episode you are happy about will be published.

You can even re-purpose your video and audio file

Another perk when you get featured and promoted on one of our shows, is that you receive access to your recording files that you can repurpose as you see fit.

After all, it's your voice, your image, your likeness. You should be able to have access to it and create as many reels and short video content as you want.

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Sascha Gorokhoff

Human Development, Human Potential, Human Empowerment, Leadership

internationally acclaimed multilingual human potential, mindset shift and leadership expert, published author, and inspirational speaker.

Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff

Transformational Life Specialist, Multiple Show Host, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker, Published Author, Lead Author of Rising After Abuse an anthology featuring 26 inspiring co-authors

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